Why Snarky?

...because nice people aren't usually funny.

I have about 8,962 pet peeves in life, but squarely in the top five of those is when people spoil the end of movies. So my reviews never have spoilers without warnings. Another thing I don't do? Recap the plot. I'd like to assume my readers are intelligent enough to Google a plot summary if they are so inclined. I also like to spend my energy writing about things I liked or hated about the movie, not just summarizing the basic story line. I have a limited amount of free time in my life - I don't want to spend it summarizing for your lazy ass.

It all started with a free 30 day free pass to Blockbuster (you remember Blockbuster, right? It was the company that existed before Netflix) and a movie gluttony challenge issued to myself. I so enjoyed snarking about the movies I watched I decided to I needed to share my every thought with the world. Hence, the blog. Because if you can't publish every thought that enters your mind for others to read, what's the point in being so funny?

I've now been at it for so long I actually hand out my very own Snarky Awards. None of the actors I've given an award to has actually come to collect it (yet!), but I have hope that one day everyone will know what a Katherine Heigl Award is.

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