The Mediocre

I don't normally give movies a rating because it's too complicated  - is it good for its genre, or overall? Is it good because I had nothing better to do that day, or would I watch it again? Would I pay to watch it? So with all those things in mind, I determined these movies were decent enough not to hate - within their own genre. Because honestly, saying something is a "mediocre action film" isn't exactly the same thing as a decent movie overall. But sometimes you want an easy, brainless watch - there's plenty of those below. Listed in reverse order of when they were reviewed:

Dramas & Thrillers (excluding action):

Action/Adventure & Sci-Fi:

Comedies (including romantic comedies):

Awkward combinations of comedy & drama (or comedies that are secretly dramas but apparently market better as comedies, despite not being funny):

Family movies:


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