January 12, 2020

Late Night (2019)

Mindy Kaling, Emma Thompson 

You know how children are often so different looking than their parents? Like how two unattractive people can somehow create a marvelous looking child, and vice versa? (Yes, I realize there are people out there who truly believe all children are beautiful, but I am not one of them. I'm not saying they can't outgrow it, and I realize there are more important things than looks, but yeah, objectively not cute children exist. *shrug*)

This movie feels like one of those unattractive children. I adore Emma Thompson. A woman who wrote the screenplay for Sense & Sensibility and cast her 31-year-old self in the role of the 19-year-old protagonist? Absolute legend. And Mindy Kaling? Ok, so I didn't watch the office, and I couldn't get into her show, but I did read her book and it was funny. And I love her unabashed fight to bring more diversity to every project she's on. Add all that to a story about women fighting against a male dominated industry? Should've been a shoo-in.


It wasn't bad. I'm not sure anything with Emma Thompson can be bad. (Wait, scratch that. I just remembered her turn as Mrs. Potts in the live action Beauty and the Beast movie and her Snarky Award for it.) It was just...fine? Like, perfectly unoffensive. Not funny enough to laugh out loud, not terrible enough to turn off (even considering I watched it for free on Amazon Prime). Just fine.

These are the movies I always find hardest to review because there's just nothing standout enough to even critique. On the other hand, I feel like I've been screaming to let women make mediocre movies because then we'd know we really "made it" as equals. I guess this is a step toward that. *shrug*

Final word: Stop Nominating People's Performances In Unmemorable Movies 2020

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