February 21, 2019

RBG (2018)

Biographies are tricky. Biographies about people who are still alive are always, always trickier. Sure, you get the chance to interview them, but is it worth the trade-off of being under scrutiny. In this case, I have no doubt the creators of the documentary meant this to be a shining portrait of the iconic Supreme Court Justice. But I think that in and of itself is problematic. 

When I watch a documentary, especially of a person, I want fresh insights into that person. I want facts I've never before heard, interviews from people I didn't know about, pictures from their past, etc. This movie only sort of partially delivers on that. While yes, it gives pictures of a young RBG and interviews a couple of her childhood friends (adorable, btw), it mostly rehashes much of what anyone who knows about her already knows. It's a very basic documentary.

Don't get me wrong. I don't want to hear about RBG's scandals (if any exist) right now. So I understand the desire to make what it hyped as a "love letter" to the justice, but it was BORING. I didn't fall asleep or anything, but it didn't wow me or hold my interest the way I expected. I mean, I was watching a documentary about the life of a woman I deeply admire and respect and I was BORED. 

It shouldn't have been boring. This women has done incredible, nation-changing things. So hopefully someone will make a more comprehensive biography in the future that can perhaps be a bit more candid, and one that doesn't include interviewing Orrin fucking Hatch. 

Final word: I'm hoping the feature film about her is better than this.

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