June 20, 2018

Doctor Strange (2016)

Benedict Cumerbatch, Tilda Swinton, Chiwetel Ejiofor

I watched a documentary on K-Pop recently and they talked about how K-Pop bands are like the Avengers: "it wouldn't work if there were 9 Tony Starks" was an exact quote. But what is Doctor Strange if not a skinnier Tony Stark with a different profession?

Now, I'm not a comic book nerd by any means, so I don't know the "true" history behind any of the characters or what changes were made to bring them to life on the big screen. But Doctor Strange is not a very exciting character. He's Tony Stark with Batman training. Like oh, you learned from a mystical faction that had one of it's former students go rogue? Yawn.

The movie was fine. It was perfectly entertaining, and had the most exciting use of CGI I've seen since Inception. The cloak of levity was also pretty awesome, and a character in its own right. But considering the whitewashing of the ancient one and the eerily similar character arc to Ironman, I'm not seeing what the fuss was about.

Final word: Maybe superhero movies just aren't my thing.

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  1. yeah this one is pretty much iron man on weed.
    not a bad movie, but it does contribute to the so called "marvel formula" which i think is shit because movies were using it before iron man was made.

    marvel formula: charming but dickish dude or lady has it made for them, but ends up down on their luck due to some big event. they learn to be less selfish and a better person, while gaining back whatever charisma they lost, and mastering quickly, whatever something someone else would take forever to master. in the end, charming person wins back the trust of whoever was second guessing them and is left at the helm of the rest of their life