November 16, 2016

Sisters (2015)

Amy Poehler, Tina Fey

I usually think of celebrities writing memoirs as a sort of vanity exercise. I still read them, but mostly because I like easy reads and I'm in three book clubs and don't always get to decide what we read. Bossypants has been a complete game changer for me, as it's not only improved my opinion of Tina Fey, but Amy Poehler too. It's a shame I never got into 30 Rock or Parks and Rec.

In fact, Bossypants is pretty much the only reason I even decided to watch this movie. One look at the cover and I assumed it would be just another Baby Mama, but where Amy and Tina trade roles of "uptight one" and "party girl."

It turns out this movie is actually not bad. Don't get me wrong--there's plenty of terrible. Some of the jokes go on for way too long, just like most SNL skits, and the cameo of Bobby Moynihan almost single-handedly ruins the movie. (Seriously. No matter how terrible he is as "drunk uncle" on SNL, it cannot compare to how obnoxious he is in this movie.) And OMG, the teeth on this guy. Amy Poehler may not be the hottest woman on Earth, but come on! Men always cast themselves with hot women--couldn't she do the same?!?

But the movie relies heavily on high school nostalgia and having had plenty of parties in high school myself, it's a fun trip down memory lane without veering too far into the pathetic realm of wanting to settle old scores or reignite old flames. It also has a little bit of a Bad Moms vibe with the desire to ignore responsibilities and party (though yes, I realize this was, in fact, made before Bad Moms came out). It's similar to the celebrity memoirs that both Ms. Poehler and Ms. Fey themselves wrote: easy to watch, not too serious, and mostly enjoyable.

Final word: The female, non-sexist version of a Judd Apatow movie.

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