March 30, 2016

Zootopia (2016)

Gennifer Goodwin, Jason Bateman

Remember when Inside Out happened and everyone claimed it was so fantastic because it managed more adult themes with creativity while still appealing to young audiences? This is the movie I expected Inside Out to be.

Without wanting to sound hyperbolic, Zootopia is one of the best Disney movies ever made. Seriously. It's hard for me to compare the "classics" with their hand drawing and beloved musical scores against the newer, CGI types, but if pressed to make a list, I would rank this in Disney's Top 5.

For one thing, it has no love angle. With few exceptions (Brave, Brother Bear, Cars, Chicken Little), there is always a romance angle. And it always involves a girl and a boy. So it makes this movie, which deals with some heavily politicized issues, even more progressive by omitting the issue altogether.

If you already watched this movie and missed the political points it was making about race and gender... well, for your sake I hope you are a child. The movie delves into societal expectations, gender stereotypes, women in the workplace, and racial tensions, among other things. Except it's done with cute, furry animals to make the topic seem more accessible and relatable to a wider audience. It's bloody brilliant. Who doesn't feel badly about discriminating against this guy?!?

It goes so far beyond the typical "cheaters never win" or "be true to yourself"-type morals that come at the end of kid's movies. This is a full-fledged adult movie, hidden behind a hoard of really cute characters. 

Final word: The only way I could love this movie less is if Disney decided to spoil it with a sequel. Oh, damn.

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