November 30, 2015

Trainwreck (2015)

Amy Schumer, Bill Hader

Remember when Margaret Cho was really popular, then she got her own TV show and it wasn't funny? This is kinda like that...

I really like Amy Schumer. I didn't watch her season of Last Comic Standing, but I've seen her HBO special and some of her skits from Inside Amy Schumer and think she's pretty funny. I love her take on feminism, dating, and her wry humor, though it may be a bit crass for me at times. (Note to Amy: even women don't like to listen to the word "vagina" that much.)

But this movie wasn't funny. I shouldn't be surprised. The combination of Judd Apatow at the helm and the studio likely steering Schumer's humor more mainstream resulted in cliched, boring jokes about sleeping around and bodily functions. I mean seriously, why is it ever necessary to see someone on a toilet? 

That being said, it wasn't terrible either. Sure, Schumer's character follows the typical "career-driven woman" story arc of being selfish and mean, but she also manages to show a glimmer of depth in the relationship with her dad. And of course, in her aspirations as a journalist. Sigh. Do women in movies ever work in regular office jobs? (Literally the only one I can think of off the top of my head is Sanaa Lathan as a CPA in Something New.)

I suppose I should commend Schumer on at least breaking Apatow's trend of good looking, uptight women with unattractive, slacker guys that have no business dating women do far out of their league. Yes, Schumer is unequivocally better looking than Bill Hader, but considering he's a doctor and seemingly pretty normal, it appears he's the catch in the relationship. I wish his character had a bit more dimension, but I guess they substituted all those scenes to accommodate appearances from LeBron instead. *eyeroll*

There were funny moments in the movie. John Cena in particular was surprisingly good and made me almost forget how much I hate that anyone let him into acting. And Tilda Swinton was the best unrecognized cameo in a movie since Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder. But the realistic moments of relationships stole the show, making the movie far more serious than I ever would have imagined. Humor is rooted in realism--I just wish it had been funnier.

Final word: I'm still not sure what to make of it.

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