November 13, 2015

San Andreas (2015)

Dwayne Johnson, Paul Giamatti

Everyone likes the Rock. It's just a fact. It is impossible not to like him. Which really explains his continued success in the acting world, despite an actual ability to act.

This is not to say he's painful to watch. We're not talking about John Cena, after all. It's just that Johnson manages to act like, well, himself, in every movie. So viewers enjoy his movies just enough for him to stay employed. I'm guessing this is how Diane Keaton keeps getting roles, since the only thing she seems to do in movies these days is flail her arms wildly and act like an uptight nag.

This movie fits precisely in his wheelhouse. It's a lot of action, a paper thin plot, and people who are just attractive enough to help you gloss over the ridiculousness of the plot, but not so attractive that you don't take them seriously (you know how Hollywood does things). Oh, and Paul Giamatti thrown in there for good measure.

On one hand, this movie was great for showing strong, capable women lead in times of crisis. Both the mother and the daughter were not the usual meek woman, waiting to be saved, but proactive participants in their own fate. On the other hand, it showed people looting and gun violence in Bakersfield and well, Bakersfield just doesn't need that kind of piling on. People already don't want to go there.

In the end, this movie is almost exactly what you'd expect, right down to the ending. But hey, the only reason you're watching it is because The Rock anyway, right?

Final word: At least it'll make you go out and buy an earthquake kit.

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