July 24, 2015

Two Night Stand (2014)

Analeigh Tipton, Miles Teller

This is a phenomenal premise. It's hard to imagine anything more awkward than being forced to hang out, one-on-one with a one-night-stand you want to escape. It's a feeling that, even if you can't directly relate to, can easily imagine and sympathize with. Unfortunately, the writers felt they needed to flesh out the plot with rom-com clichés.

Look, I get that clichés are just part of the deal with rom-coms. Hence, the quirky girl who is just a mess but is, of course, irresistibly attractive for those exact reasons. I mean, she dances like no one is watching--literally! And she blurts out whatever she's thinking! And of course, she doesn't sleep around--but she still loves sex. Meanwhile, there is a perfectly normal guy on the other end of this who happily receives her mean-spirited comments and doesn't seem offended in the least when she never thanks him for letting her back into his apartment after she storms out of his house because she's offended by some innocuous comment. I'm confused, aren't rom-coms written for women? Is this how women see themselves? As neurotic, self-sabotaging individuals who want to be able to throw their worst at a guy and still have him like her for it?

Then again, maybe I'm reading too much into this. After all, this is a movie that has a girl flush a magazine page down the toilet! Because really, what would a rom-com be without contrived circumstances to try and add a bit of humor? (Remember that whole vibrating underwear part in The Ugly Truth?) Oh, and a twenty-something who can afford his own apartment in NY to permit this whole "forced weekend together" thing. Ugh. At least neither of them is an artist or lives in a loft.

That being said, the movie is mildly funny. Miles Teller plays a lovable-type regular guy who's funny without try too hard and Analeigh Tipton is somewhat charming and surprisingly not awkward to watch in this capacity, considering the fact that everyone only knows her as the naked babysitter in Crazy Stupid Love. Normally I am the champion against unattractive people in this movie, but here, it works. Both of them are basically in the same range, so the whole hook-up seems more believable. And though they have her do some ridiculously batsh*t crazy stuff that seems to be completely out of character, she's not terrible.

One day, I will write a rom-com devoid of clichés. But until then, we make do with movies like this.

Final word: The beginning and the end are good. If you can make it through the middle without turning it off, the movie is decent.

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