January 6, 2015

Think Like a Man Too (2014)

The same cast as the first one with the addition of the Allstate guy and a few other semi-famous actors as basically irrelevant characters

I recently got into a--let's call it--"heated" discussion of my expectations of movies. It seems a particular individual took offense at my surprise that The Maze Runner, though decent, failed to offer really anything new to the YA dystopia realm. The individual seemed to indicate that all YA, as well as all romantic comedies, lacked any creativity whatsoever. I staunchly defended my optimism in watching these movies with the hope each time that they might offer something new or unexpected, like Don Jon or Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.

I probably should have chosen a different movie to watch after that argument.

I will say, I wasn't all that optimistic going into this. Despite hitting #1 at the box office in its debut, and my positive review of the first movie, I sort of knew deep down this wasn't going to be good. I half-heartedly hoped otherwise, but I knew. Nothing good can come of a sequel whose major plot point is the fact that it's set in a party city (see: my Final Word below).

The whole thing was a combination of tired and bizarre. Where the first movie had insight into real relationship issues, this movie had exaggerated situations and recycled dialogue. I mean, how is it even possible that Zeke (the freak) would run into that many women he had previously slept with? And why would every woman even still care, years later, that he had dumped them after what was presumably a short fling? Talk about not understanding half your viewer demographic. And why would any woman in their right mind marry a guy with a mother like Loretta? If you didn't think the women in the first movie were portrayed as controlling, manipulative, and emotional enough, this movie certainly remedied that.

As for the bizarre, the extended music video break in the middle was not only not funny and bizarre, but extremely long. They literally played the entirety of "Poison" by Bell Biv Devoe. While the women switch between making it rain with dollar bills in a strip club and posing on couches as if they were strippers themselves. And a random appearance by Floyd Mayweather might have made more sense if they had just gone all the way and copied The Hangover's use of Mike Tyson in their movie as an additional plot point, but instead, he was just in the movie to showcase a joke (again) about Kevin Hart being tiny. Like I said, bizarre. And pointless.

Final word: This is Sex and the City 2 meets The Hangover 2 bad. 

P.S. This was so bad, a reviewer on IMDB actually wrote, "If you like comedies like 22 Jump Street or Neighbors, you would be wasting your time by going to see this movie as it does NOT compare what so ever [sic]." Doesn't compare with Channing Tatum/Jonah Hill or Zac Efron/Seth Rogan? Ouch.

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