October 18, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt

Tom Cruise is 52. On one hand, he doesn't look a day over 46 (it's amazing what Botox can do!). On the other, I find it shocking he's not older. Doesn't it seem like he's been around forever?!? I mean, he was in The Outsiders!! (Don't you remember reading/watching this in middle school?)

With Hollywood's new trend of casting older men in action movies (think: Liam Neeson), it actually didn't seem weird to have Tom Cruise still running around, blowing up stuff in this movie. Of course, this means he'll take it as a sign to make Mission: Impossible 6 or something, but I suppose someone's got to keep Ving Rhames employed. And I haven't heard news of Baby Boy 2 coming any time soon.

The problem with sci-fi movies is that they often do one of two thing:

1. Over-focus on making it look so futuristic it becomes cheesy and cliché (see: In Time). Or,

2. Make the plot overly complex in an attempt to prove how "smart" sci-fi is (see: Cloud Atlas). And an over-wrought plot is just that, no matter how cool the special effects or wardrobe.

Add to that the fact that both Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt's last attempts at sci-fi were underwhelming and I was a skeptical viewer. But this movie manages to stay both interesting and exciting from start to finish, which is a rarity in any genre. There are very few lulls in the action, but it's also not non-stop explosions, giving your senses some time to breathe. The Groundhog's Day repeating plot doesn't feel played out here--instead, it is a perfect match for the video game look and feel of this movie. Because I don't know about you, but I need that secret video game code that gives you unlimited lives...

Also looking great in this movie, Emily Blunt's body is to die for. She could be a fitness model for those P90X videos that try and convince you it's not gross to work out and sweat all over your living room. They force her to keep doing this awkward cobra yoga pose, probably because some guy thought it'd be sexy, but her arms look so fantastic that you almost don't mind seeing her subject herself to it over and over again. And normally it would gross me out that she's paired with Tom Cruise (because of the awkward age difference), but considering she's the competent badass of the movie and not some impressionable young woman looking for a man, I guess it's ok. Still not ideal, but better than pairing her with Shia LeBeouf or something.

And if nothing else, it's great to see Bill Paxton in movies again! I mean yeah, yeah, he was in Big Love, but who really watched a show based on the premise that Bill Paxton could get three women to marry him, let alone at the same time? To me, he'll always be the used car salesman from True Lies.

Final word: Surprisingly good.

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