September 22, 2014

About Last Night (2014)

Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Regina Hall, Joy Bryant, and Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore. Seriously. Shooter McGavin.

Let's just get the shallow stuff out of the way: Michael Ealy needs dental work, stat. His teeth are distractingly bad. And to make matters worse, he has the largest mouth/jaw I've ever seen outside of a professional wrestling ring, so his teeth continue to be a distraction even when his mouth is shut. I swear, I can see his crooked teeth through his closed lips!

That being said, I was pleasantly surprised that it was he, and not Kevin Hart, who was the main character in this movie. I watched Kevin Hart's stand-up movie, Laugh at My Pain, and while it had it's funny moments, it mostly convinced me that I never want to sit through 2 straight hours of Kevin Hart's jokes again. Call him the black Will Ferrell. (Side note: the sidekicks are joining forces in the upcoming Get Hard. God save us all.)

The real scene stealer, though, was Regina Hall. She managed to outshine even the perpetually loud and outlandish Kevin Hart while maintaining a semblance of reality as the slightly unbalanced friend. This was very much like Wedding Crashers, where the interactions between Vince Vaughn and Isla Fisher are so much funnier and more interesting than the "main" relationship that you start to dread seeing Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams come onscreen.

For a comedy, this movie was actually a little depressing in the way The Break-Up was. Comedies are funny because they are based on relatable problems, but when the plot becomes a little too true to real life, it stops being funny for people who have lived through these problems and suddenly makes them want to pick up a pint of ice cream and the phone to call their ex. Someone explain to me why this movie was released on Valentine's Day?

The comic relief to all this depressing relationship stuff consisted of awkward sex scenes and jokes about sex. Or genitalia. The problem of this being, the movie was not created for fourteen year-olds. Superbad was funny when it came out because something about the crassness and vulgarity of loser teenage boys trying to get drunk and have sex was shocking and hilarious. But watching 30-somethings doing the exact same thing felt, well, pathetic. 

Final word: It attempted to disguise a sub-par rom-com as an edgy adult comedy with a barrage of curse words and sex references. 

P.S. to Kevin Hart - don't try to remake Rob Lowe movies. Just don't.

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