January 10, 2014

Man of Steel (2013)

Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne

There's a saying: "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me."

So what if I continue to be fooled over and over again? And by this, I mean electing to watch movies against my better judgement because they have a quality ensemble cast. How have I made this mistake over and over and over and over again? 

Case in point: this movie. On it's face, I knew it wouldn't be a good movie. Of course it wouldn't be a good movie. I didn't even like the original movies with Christopher Reeve. Of all the male superheroes, Superman really only hovers above Spiderman and whoever Ben Affleck was supposed to be in Daredevil. I just don't find him to be very interesting.

And yet, I was swayed by the allure of 2 Oscar winners and 3 Oscar nominees (not to mention the Emmy nominees in the cast). In that 30 seconds I spent standing in front of the Redbox kiosk, I decided their judgement was better than my own gut feeling that this movie would be a complete throwaway. 

So shame on you, Amy Adams. I might expect less from your co-stars, many of whom have not been in a good movie in years (and yes, I am putting Les Mis in that category for Russell Crowe), but you are the top actress in Hollywood right now and I can't keep following you around to crappy movies.

That said, the movie had pretty decent *visual* effects. A sci-fi movie really lives and dies by its visual effects, so this one's disappointment stems from its plot. (Make that, lack of plot.) But due to the thirst for franchises in Hollywood and the utter lack of original screenwriting, a sequel is due out in 2015. Sigh.

Final word: I almost couldn't write a review because it was so forgettable.

*special thanks to +JustinG for continually reminding me the difference between special effects and visual effects.


  1. So my question is will you see Batman v. Superman? It's a sequel to this movie and also the setup movie for the Justice League (DC Comics version of Marvel's Avengers). To me, this movie was a huge disappointment. Superman, IMHO, is the ultimate good guy. And the last two outings were not very good. Henry Caville is a BA though and I am hopeful BVS will be at least mildly entertaining. I found MOS boring and actually hard to follow at times with the plot. Not because it was so complex. But because it jumped around too much. Oh, ALSO, Kevin Costner was a chump in this movie! Jon (Pa) Kent is the whole reason Superman is a good guy! SM is shaped by his earthly father to 'always do the right thing'...and here, we see Costner constantly telling him to NOT strive to be great! To just, blend in. It's effed...I thought that scene where he could've saved Pa from the tornado would be his defining moment...nope, Pa says "I'm good, stay put"...FUCK THAT! Sorry, rant over.

    1. It's hard to remember the plot of this movie at this point because it was so long ago and so terrible I tried to forget it. I only remember the ridiculous controversy over the fact that Superman had maroon boots instead of red.

      I will probably see Batman vs. Superman because I'm interested to see how they handle the conflict between two "good" guys. And since I don't actually read comics, I have no idea what actually happens.

      And isn't Kevin Costner always a chump? =)