January 16, 2014

Fast & Furious 6

Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, et al

You know what I love most about the Fast and Furious franchise? That no one else is really famous enough to do anything else, so every time there's a sequel, they all show up. The only exceptions this time were, oddly, the two Latino guys, who (according to their IMDB pages) aren't up to anything else. And, of course, Lucas Black and Bow Wow (aka the white and black guy fill-ins for the Tokyo Drift movie that were promptly dropped and forgotten about once Fast and Furious [4] came). I mean, they even got The Rock back! Oh sorry, I mean Dwayne Johnson. (How's that serious acting career working out for you, Dwayne, with your big Journey 3 movie coming up? Ahem. Ahem.)

So... everyone is the same, and so is the plot. Racing cars, Vin Diesel's gravelly voice, Michelle Rodriguez's tough girl frown, and of course, explosions. Nonsensical explosions of cars flipping over and blowing up while driving, but explosions nevertheless. So the plot is thin, the dialogue is as stiff as ever, and Vin Diesel still tries to pull off the line, "we ride, we die," which is more than a bit of a rip-off of Bad Boys.

BUT - this movie adds a nice new element - hand-to-hand combat. There are a lot of fight scenes, which are pretty decent. And after five movies of street Nascar, it's nice to see a little something else. Of course, they give a little flashback to the early movies with shots of girls in booty shorts and shiny bling, but hey, they're just keeping it classy.

Naturally, it would impossible to write an entire review without mentioning the recent passing of Paul Walker, which makes it seem inappropriate to then make jokes about Lucas Black cheering for his own return to the franchise in Fast 7. So until then...

Final word: The only real surprise in the entire movie happens in the ending credits.

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