November 6, 2013

Trouble with the Curve (2012)

Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake

You know how people think romantic comedies are predictable, cliche, and full of fluff? It turns out, dramas can be all those things too. And when I say predictable, I mean I knew almost every single event that was going to happen - in sequence - and some of the dialogue as well! It's as if the writer of this movie didn't have a single original thought.

I know there are die-hard Clint Eastwood fans out there, and I know he's made a lot of great movies over the years. And it seems a bit ironic, considering part of this movie premise involves ageism, but I'm starting to wonder if it might be time for him to retire. Not because he's old (though seriously, this man lived through the Great Depression!), but because he is apparently unable to play anything other than a cranky old man. I mean, he waited 4 years between movies and this is what he chose?? Come on, Clint - stretch yourself a bit. I saw more creativity from him talking to that empty chair!

Amy Adams, on the other hand, is convincing me she can play just about anything. Sure, we've seen this ultra-focused, career-driven, precise woman before (see: Leap Year), but she's just so gosh-darn likable you can look past her appearance in movies like this. And Cruel Intentions 2. (Everyone has to get their start somewhere, I guess.) She was about the only thing that made this movie even watchable (Sorry, JT - I still groan when I see your name on a movie poster).

Don't get me wrong: I like baseball. But I wonder what it is with Hollywood's obsession with baseball-related movies. I mean, they made two sequels to The Sandlot, for God's sake. I just feel like the romantic, nostalgic aura that surrounds most baseball movies is a little irritating. Yes, Field of Dreams was a fantastic movie. But look what happened: Kevin Costner tried to recapture that magic and ended up making The Perfect Game instead. We, the viewing public, shouldn't be continuously subjected to a few mens' love affairs with one sport. You can make compelling dramas with pretty much every other sport. (With the exception of tennis. Hollywood seems utterly unable - or unwilling - to find actors and actresses who can convincingly execute normal looking tennis strokes. And after Wimbledon, I'm not sure anyone wants to attempt it again.)

Final word: It didn't add anything new to my life, to these actors' careers, or movie history in general. 

If you have somehow gone through life without seeing this movie, please rent/buy/watch it immediately. This is a baseball movie.

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