August 8, 2013

Inhale (2010)

Dermot Mulroney, Diane Kruger, Jordi Molla

When watching a movie, I ask myself a number of questions, which basically boil down to this: Was it interesting? Was it enjoyable to watch? Would I watch it again? Is there a positive x-factor in terms of creativity, plot twists, set design, etc. that sets it apart from other movies? Boiling it all down to a letter grade or a number on a scale seems too arbitrary and not wholly accurate, since a movie can be interesting but not enjoyable, vice versa, or both interesting and enjoyable, but not something I'd ever sit through again.

This movie? Interesting, mostly enjoyable to watch, but not re-watchable. And its x-factor? Social consciousness. Seriously. Netflix categorized it as a "social issues thriller." Seriously. There is an entire category of movies that can be classified as "social issues thrillers?" What else exists here? John Q? That certainly says something about the category.

And therein lies the problem. Is the organ donation process a problem in this country? Yes. Is it the stuff of great movie entertainment? Riiiiiight.

So other than, you know, the main crux of the plot, there are other troublesome spots. For one, I really don't care about the little girl who needs the lung transplant. I know this sounds callous, but I really don't. Sure, it's sad she's sick and all, but a couple of shots here and there of her coughing isn't really enough to make an audience emotionally connect with her plight. Yes, you want her to get new lungs, but at what cost? Which, of course, is the exact point the movie is trying to make. It's predictable and not nearly as "thrilling" as the movie description will have you believe, but mildly thought provoking anyway.

And speaking of's good to see Jordi Molla as another morally shady head honcho in a Latin American country...

Final word: It's basically an edgy after-school special without the usual low-budget graphics and outdated outfits.

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