July 19, 2013

Lola Versus (2012)

Bill Pullman & Debra Winger are the only recognizable people in this movie, but have been relegated to the hardly seen, dreaded "parent" role to random unknowns (except one of those unknowns is now on The Newsroom, which is unfortunate, because he does not add any attractiveness to the cast)

There is a reason Sex & the City was such a huge phenomenon - woman can relate to it. In every woman, there is a little bit of proud Samantha, conservative Charlotte, smart Miranda, and Carrie - a hot mess. Watching other women struggle with the mundane and ridiculous somehow makes our lives seem more...validated. TV characters! They're just like us!

This movie delivers a bit of what the Sex & the City Movie couldn't - a real-ness the series had, but somehow morphed into rich, forty-year old women that were suddenly much less relatable to my twenty-something life that still featured ramen noodles on occasion. In contrast, this movie highlights the relationship mistakes so many of us make when we are young and stupid. Or old and stupid. But either way, stupid, relationship-wise. I'm not saying I can personally relate to every single cringe-inducing choice Lola makes, but I can certainly remember my friends making similar decisions... and having similar reactions...

What keeps the movie from becoming a depressing narrative on being single at 30 are the sharp, quick-witted remarks and awkward exchanges that keep it in the realm of comedy. A wry, tortured comedy, but comedy nevertheless. It's a pretty unknown movie (at least it was to me), but should be watched on girl's night, through a happy haze of cocktails and chatter about poor dating experiences.

Final word: I don't normally like the term "chick flick," but if ever there was one...

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