July 24, 2013

35 and Ticking (2011)

Kevin Hart, Nicole Ari Parker, Tamala Jones, Meagan Good, Jill Marie Jones, Darius McCrary

I didn't grow up watching a lot of movies with predominately African-American casts. I never even saw the movie Friday until after college. So when I watched and reviewed (and liked!) Think Like a Man, I thought I had discovered this untapped resource of quality romantic comedies. So I started surfing BET for prospects. As it turns out, bad romantic comedies know no racial boundaries.

I don't know even know where to start - with the awkward timing of split screen usage, the slow motion close ups, or the shaky camerawork throughout the first 30 minutes. Or how about the fact that the movie had the absolute worst movie score of all time? Seriously - worst of all time. Not only were the song choices frequently inappropriate for the tone, but the music also haltingly started and stopped as if controlled by some twenty-something who "deejays" in their free time. (You know who I'm talking about - all those people who think owning an Apple laptop and a music collection of more than one genre suddenly makes them a deejay.)

To say this was not a comedy wouldn't be a fair statement, though. I mean, sure, there were a few jokes in the movie and even less that were actually funny, but I laughed throughout almost the entire thing. Laughed because the dialogue and camerawork was so awful, but laughed nevertheless. So I watched the entire thing. I felt there had to be an ending that would make me understand why so many famous actors had signed onto the movie. **Spoiler alert - there was not.**

At this point, I'm ready to treat all "ensemble cast" movies with nothing but suspicion. I'm pretty sure the only reason a movie gets more than a couple famous people is because the actors get together and decide to do a movie together, no matter the topic or quality of the script. Which is how a movie like This is the End gets made. It's also how I've had to sit through movies like this, this, and this.

Final word: Think made-for-TV movie. Then think a level below that.

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  1. what got kicked out of the bottom 5 to make room for this? TED? that's scary...