June 1, 2013

This is 40 (2012)

Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann

Comedy. It's such a tricky thing. One person's Judd Apatow is another person's Seth McFarlane. Oh wait...

So this movie was billed as a "sort of sequel" to Knocked Up. I didn't see that as a selling point, as a movie where I'm supposed to believe Katherine Heigl sleeps with, then decides to pursue a relationship with Seth Rogan is realistic is like saying I believe women marry Donald Trump for his looks. On the other hand, Judd Apatow had nowhere to go but up with his casting after that, so watching Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd was far more enjoyable. Even though Leslie Mann's voice makes me sort of want to punch her in the face.

I hate to keep referencing Amour, but this movie was like a PG-13 riff on the topic with some jokes thrown in. It was hard to watch and mostly not enjoyable because I didn't want to envision my future to be anything like their life. I can't believe I'm going to say this, but it was more of a "thinking" movie than a comedy. As in, 'dear God, what would I do if my life were like that?' Or maybe I was just in the wrong frame of mind to enjoy this type of comedy. Looking back, there are definitely funny moments, but overall, I felt uncomfortable throughout. Then again, some people think feeling uncomfortable is funny (aka anyone who enjoyed the Meet the Parents franchise). I don't happen to be one of those people.

Oh, and I don't mean to add unnecessarily disparaging last thoughts, but the acting of the two daughters is really horrible. Any time I see kids in movies that are bad actors, I always joke they must be the director's kids. Turns out, I was onto something. Both girls are played by the real life daughters of Judd Apatow. Which of course, means now we'll have to see them in every movie he makes that features kids. With any luck, they'll spawn their own horrible spin-off movies like Rob Schneider, who parlayed his relationship with Adam Sandler into classic gems like The Hot Chick and The Animal.

Final word: Funnier in retrospect, but maybe you need to be 40 [with kids] to fully appreciate this movie.

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