June 27, 2013

Idiocracy (2006)

Luke Wilson, Maya Rudolph, Dax Shepard

This movie is a little older, but it was recommended to me and well, I can't pass up a movie that is itself a snarky commentary. Well that, and it was airing for free on Comedy Central.

The premise is that two people (Luke Wilson and Maya Rudolph) are put to sleep in an experiment and wake up 500 years later to realize the human race has bred themselves into utter stupidity. It's almost not funny in that it seems plausible, given our society's penchant for shows like Jackass and Maury and The Real Housewives, the rapid growth of corporate presence and online porn, and the equally rapid decline in education. At its best, the movie is a hilarious satire on our culture. At its worst, it's an idiotic movie that makes you stupider for having watched it.

But what I really want to complain about is Dax Shepard. Just his existence in general. First of all, he's from Detroit. Like, the Detroit Eminem portrays in 8 Mile. I point this out because when you look at Dax, can't you just tell?? Anyway, he plays the disgusting, bumbling idiot I always believed he was in person, which somehow just annoys me. I mean, wasn't he the annoying guy from Punk'd? (Sorry, the other annoying guy. Ashton Kutcher was pretty annoying back then too.) And now, he's on Parenthood and people seemed to have completely forgotten that he was this gross, annoying guy and just accepted him as a legitimate Hollywood star. I actually heard on the radio today that he and Kristen Bell were named "Sexiest Vegetarian Couple." (I can't make that up.) Even completely ignoring the question of 'who the hell else was in competition for this title,' I find it hard to believe that anyone actually finds Dax Shepard sexy. And though his fiancee isn't bad looking, I'd really appreciate it if she stopped making movies. When in Rome made me want to cry a little, but not in a good way.

Final word: This would have made a really funny SNL skit, but it loses quite a bit of its humor after an hour and a half.

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