June 11, 2013

Hope Springs (2012)

Meryl Streep, Tommy Lee Jones, Steve Carell

It really can't be said enough - movies should not be billed as comedies if they are not funny. What's not funny? How about old people whose marriage is falling apart? Wasn't I just talking about how depressing and not funny movies are that are too realistic??

I can't remember seeing a movie trailer for this when it came out, but the movie poster definitely makes it look like a light-hearted romantic comedy. "Fall in love again," it says. Ha. If love revolves around sex, then yes, fall in love. I'm normally not a fan of plot summarizing, but in this case, I feel the public needs to be warned. This is movie is all about sex. Seriously. The sex lives of old people. Except again, it's not actually a comedy. Go ahead and think about that for a minute.

Quick personal memory flashback: before getting married, the church required my fiance and I to take a compatibility test. As in, we sat in separate rooms with a test, a bubble sheet and a #2 pencil (is there any other number pencil out there??) and answered questions about our views on kids, money, family, religion, and sex, among other things. We then had to have a lengthy discussion about our results with a priest. Discussing sex with a priest. Go ahead and think about that for another minute.

I was more uncomfortable watching this movie than that discussion with the priest. Maybe that makes me unnecessarily squeamish or prudish, but honestly, imagining the sex lives of old married couples is not my idea of entertainment. I also want to point out that I rather enjoyed The Sessions, despite also being all about sex and actually showing nudity (this movie does not, thank GOD). Maybe that just makes me an ageist.

Final word: Fast forward This is 40 by twenty years and substitute all the jokes for awkward conversations about sex by people you pray they won't actually show naked.

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