February 15, 2013

Brave (2012)

Emma Thompson, Scottish people

I could write an entire ode to Merida's hair alone. It's incredible. It's vibrant, it's full, and it almost makes me want to be a redhead (almost). In terms of straight animation, Disney/Pixar really outdid themselves on the creation of this hair. When compared to say, Pocahontas' hair (which can even sing with all the colors of the wind!), it's amazing to see how far technology has advanced. I mean, you can see individual strands blow in the wind!

There are two reasons I can't help talking about the hair:
1. It's so distractingly awesome throughout the movie you can't help but constantly think about it
2. There's not much else to talk about

The movie is okay. I am such a huge Disney fanatic that I go into every animated movie they make assuming I'll love it. Of course, this sometimes backfires (ahem, Chicken Little). The problem is, even if I enjoy them, they aren't all instant classics. This is no Beauty and the Beast or The Little Mermaid. Of course, Disney will make little Merida dolls and other merchandise, and possibly include her into their Princess collection to add some quasi-diversity (I mean, she's still white - she just has a different color of hair), but I just can't see her reaching the popularity of a Cinderella or Belle.

The accents are also fun because well, Scottish people sound funny. The only reason I made it through my managerial accounting class in college was because my professor was from Scotland and I stayed awake just to hear her pronounce the word "accounting." (Hey, at 9 am, take whatever entertainment you can get.) I don't mean "funny" in a rude way, but in a way that makes me feel like those Wisconsin girls in Love Actually when they keep making the [ugly] British dude pronounce stuff and then giggle like it's cute. 

Final word: Think Brother Bear, but substitute Native American brothers with a Scottish mother and daughter.

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