October 23, 2012

American Reunion (2012)

Everyone from the original movie. Literally, every single person. Even the MILF dudes.

I am of the American Pie generation (hmmm... is that really how I want to identify myself?). It came out when I was in high school, and I even remember watching the sequel in the theater and thinking it was the funniest movie like, ever. So this movie is more than a reunion for the characters of the movie--it's a nostalgic trip back to high school for anyone who was the right age to think the first movie was funny.

This movie is sort of like a VH1 special of Where Are They Now, except it was created for fictional characters. You can't help but wonder what the sex-crazed, immature high school guys grew up to be (spoiler alert - um... sex-crazed, immature 30-somethings?). While watching this movie, I suddenly realized how old I was. When you are old enough to reminisce about high school movies as though they were a lifetime ago, you're old enough to have movies that make jokes about how old you are. Call it a 30's version of Grown Ups (which isn't really a fair comparison, I suppose, since Grown Ups was pretty terrible). 

Either way, this movie was everything you'd expect, and/or want, from an American Pie movie - nudity, swearing, masturbation jokes, of course, butt-sex references. Ahhh... the 90's. But somehow in this context, it feels less immature and crass than a fitting tribute to a franchise that was based on a guy screwing an apple pie. Can one be nostalgic about that? I mean, are kids who are teenagers now going to think that in 15 years watching Jonah Hill and Michael Cera curse and obsess about sex is funny? I don't even think either of them is funny now, and Superbad is only 5 years old!

I was initially impressed that the cast included every single person from the original movie, until I realized that they all probably have nothing better to do. I mean, what has Tara Reid been up to for the last 13 years, other than complaining about her botched boob job? And Chris Klein? Please. His celebrity peaked when he dated Katie Holmes in the pre-creepily-married-to-Tom-Cruise phase. (It seems Katie's feeling nostalgic these days too!) The most famous person in the whole movie is probably Stifler's mom, which is really saying something.

My main complaint? The story centers on a 13-year high school reunion. I understand the original American Pie was made, yes, 13 years ago, but who the eff cares about that attention to detail? No one has a 13 year reunion! Friggin' stupid.

Final word: It's a lot like attending your own high school reunion - not nearly as fun or exciting as you imagined or hoped, but somehow you know you'll end up going just to satisfy your curiosity.

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