September 14, 2012

Win Win (2011)

Paul Giamatti

I must say, I continue to be surprised at the amount of work Paul Giamatti gets in Hollywood. I think he's a great actor, and I generally enjoy everything he's in (with the exception of Sideways - what is it with people and that movie??), but I'm still surprised. Even more surprising, is Hollywood's ability to keep coming up with movies that cast him as the lead, but not necessarily as a romantic lead in movies. It's impressive, really. The way Hollywood casts their romantic movies and sit-coms, you'd think the entire world is full of beautiful women falling all over themselves for short, fat, unattractive men who are semi-funny (ahem, anything starring Seth Rogen).

So about the movie...also surprising. Surprisingly good, that is. In that rare genre of drama-comedy, it really is both dramatic and funny. A lot of the humor comes from this dude, who, for some reason, reminds me of this guy in Everybody Loves Raymond who talks like there's something wrong with him. (another side rant - why on Earth would the creators of Ice Age cast Ray Ramano as the voice of the main character in the movie? His voice sounds like a monotone college professor with a stuffed nose.)

The story is really interesting in that you can completely relate to a lot of the situations and emotions in the movie without ever actually living through it. It deals with a balance of relationships and ethics, which is different from the usual formulaic hero/villan dichotomy. So score one for the indies.

Final word: It won some kind of award for being a Top 10 Indie film of 2011, which doesn't usually mean much in my book, but I figure it might convince some people to go watch it. 

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