August 17, 2012

The Muppets (2011)

Kermit, Miss Piggy, et al + Jason Segel and Amy Adams

Let's start with how much I hate Jason Segel. Now, you may think I'm using the word "hate" too liberally here. Let me assure you, I am not. And it's not just my bias against all non-sports related programming on CBS (although that doesn't help). Not only is he unbelievably unattractive (literally - I cannot believe any woman on screen would actually be attracted to him), he can't act. Did you see Forgetting Sarah Marshall? He made Kristen Bell (not a future Oscar winner here either) look like Meryl Streep. And yet, he keeps getting paired on screen with women he would have NO HOPE of landing in real life! (e.g. Mila Kunis, Emily Blunt, Cameron Diaz, to name just a few)

But as much as I hate Jason Segel, I love the Muppets. Their 3-D movie at Disney World is easily one of my favorite attractions. I can even imitate Kermie's voice (just ask my sister, who I sneak up on and squawk it in her ear to freak her out). I love the bi-racial, animal kingdom-crossing love affair that is Kermie and Miss Piggy. I love Sam the Eagle's patriotism without the slightest hint of irony. I even love  the Asian-looking scientist and Beaker (but probably because I am biased toward Asians, who are under-represented in popular media).

So imagine my disappointment that this is the movie I chose to watch after my [much needed] break from the Great Movie Challenge. There are funny points, to be sure, and it goes through a lot of nostalgic Muppet moments over the years, so you sort of have to be an avid Muppet fan to really appreciate some of the humor. And I'm not sure I really know another 'avid Muppet fan.'

And the singing. Oh God, the singing. It goes on for so long. I know it's a musical, but the only thing worse than watching Jason Segel act is listening to Jason Segel sing. It's such a relief when Miss Piggy finally sings! Yes, a fake pig puppet singing is a relief to watching Jason Segel.

I really want to give this movie a break because I had such high expectations of it going in, but...I'll just say that had the movie been a short (aka 30 minutes short, really), it probably would have been better served. The ideas were there, they just...dragged. Oh Kermie!

Final word: Unless you have kids who will make you watch this movie, your time is better served elsewhere. (And if your kids are making you do anything, perhaps we should have a talk about who is charge of the family. Just a thought.)

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