August 24, 2012

In Time (2011)

Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried

I received my first reader recommendation, who promised me this movie was "awesome." If his definition of "awesome" is "lame," then yes, this movie is "awesome." I suppose thanks are in order since this movie provided me with endless snarky remarks.

Let's start with the plot. You know I don't like to give away the plot lines, since it can inadvertently spoil some surprises, but I feel the need to comment on one theme in the movie - that of the long-departed father. Generally, things become a cliche because they are so good that people can't help but use them again and again. But the story of a guy aspiring to grow up to be like his father that he never/barely knew, only to run into someone (generally the antagonist) who previously knew his father and dangles the information like bait is so played out. 

The idea for the movie is interesting enough - time is the new currency. But it takes more than a glowing green clock running on people's arms to make a movie sci-fi, folks. It's really more of a rail against the man (yep, I said it) a la V for Vendetta and I think we all know how weird and propaganda-ish that movie was. I don't like to debate politics, but if you're going to run socio-political themes throughout a movie, try not to make it as obvious as The Matrix was with its Biblical themes. 

The positives of the movie? I have two:
1. Amanda Seyfried's hair is cute. I like the bob. She's one of those people who I always want to be cuter than she actually is and this bob really downplays her bug-eyed-ness. (coincidentally, it also reminds me of V for Vendetta and the fact that Natalie Portman shaving her head for the role was utterly pointless)
2. Whoops, I guess I only had one. How about that.

Final word: If you've been stood up on a date last minute, thereby ruining your night and preventing any other possible plans for the evening and this movie is showing for free on HBO, go for it.

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