June 30, 2012

GMC Day 30: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

Daniel Craig, Rooney Mara, Christopher Plummer

What a way to end the Great Movie Challenge! Considering all the other movies I watched that were classified as "thrillers," this was the first one that actually thrilled. (I'm not trying to get cute, I am so genuinely excited about this movie)

No, I didn't read the book. And no, I didn't watch the original Swedish version, so my view of it is not in comparison to either of those. I went in having no idea what the story was about, other than the fact that it involved some kind of crime. So everyone that wants to whine on and on about how it's "so much better in it's original form," we both know that you don't speak Swedish, so stop your thinly veiled pretentious bragging that you watched a foreign film. Good for you.

The movie is so fast paced and the acting by Rooney Mara is so superb - she scares the crap out of me. I'm curious to see what kind of part we'll see her in next. She was so good at her role I'm a little afraid she'll be pigeonholed into this intense, weird sort of girl from now on.

I've never really thought about the soundtrack to a movie before (except when filling out my Oscars ballot), but I found myself noticing that the music in this movie really set the tone. The scenes are dark, but manage to keep you just at the edge of knowing what's going to happen next.

My only regret is having watched it late at night, by myself. I was so amped up afterward I had to pace around my living room to slow my heart rate. I really thought I might have a panic attack while watching it. I imagine this is the feeling people like to get while watching horror movies (which I hate, btw). I'm not sure if my well-being can handle another thriller like this, but I'm glad I made it through this one.

Final word: Watch it immediately, if not sooner.

Even though the Great Movie Challenge is over, I will continue to review movies as I watch them, so keep checking back for new reviews! And if you have a movie suggestion you'd like to hear my thoughts on or think I might enjoy/not enjoy, just post a comment letting me know what to watch!

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