June 28, 2012

GMC Day 28: Albatross (2011)

random British twenty-somethings, Julia Ormond

Just when I lost faith that good indie movies existed...(I'm not actually sure this was an indie movie, but it felt like one, so I'm running with it)

This movie was so unexpectedly good. It has some legitimately funny parts, but is overall very sweet and a touch sad. I am absolutely in love with Jessica Brown Findlay, the lead character, who is apparently in Downton Abbey (am I the only person not watching that show?). She reminds me of a young and spunky (yes, I know that's a terrible word, but it works here) Drew Barrymore, but without the annoying lisp. I think she could qualify for a spot on that SNL segment, "getting quirky with Zooey Deschanel." Well, her character could. I don't know Jessica Brown Findlay as a person. (Though I must say, I really hate the use of the three names. Unless she's Hispanic or an assassin, there is really no excuse.)

I felt slightly uncomfortable the whole time, waiting for the inevitable, but it didn't feel predictable and boring like so many other movies. It was an easy watch, but not in the guilty-pleasure-Blue-Crush type of way. As in, you can be over the age of 16 still feel okay about telling your friends you watched it.

Final word: Enjoyable indie.

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