June 27, 2012

GMC Day 27: J. Edgar (2011)

Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Watts

Why has Meryl Streep (often called the best actor of her generation) won three Oscars, yet Leo (often called the best actor of my generation) has none? Do you know who else has a Best Actor Oscar? Roberto Begnini. Yep, this guy. Yet Leo is 0-3. (I call him Leo. We're cool like that) It's rigged, I tell you. Meryl Streep can win for The Iron Lady (which was insanely boring, btw), but Leo can't even get a shout-out for a more entertaining biography? I use the term 'more entertaining' loosely here, as I'm not saying I really enjoyed it. I just enjoyed it more than The Iron Lady. I mean, no matter how well acted a part is, shouldn't the movie have to be good to earn recognition? Sort of like in sports how great athletes are told they can't be in the conversation of "greatest of all time" without winning a championship, even if they kill everyone on stats, but are stuck on a suck-y team that has no hope of ever winning.

But I digress. This movie reminded me a lot of another Leo movie, The Aviator. Another well acted biography about a person with an impressive life, but someone we don't really care about as a society. And really, if we didn't learn about them in school, are they worth sitting through a 2+ hour biographical movie?

There are some unexpected parts and themes, which make you wonder whether Hollywood took some liberties with the "biography" title, or whether J. Edgar's life was really that interesting. And I found the make-up 'transforming' the actors into old people to be a little weird, but I suppose that's always a difficult thing to do. Then again, they have an entire Oscar category dedicated to this, so maybe Sian Grigg & co. need to step their game up.

Final word: It was really good, once. 

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