June 24, 2012

GMC Day 24: Killer Elite (2011)

Jason Statham, Robert DeNiro, Clive Owen

Not to be confused with The Killer Elite, apparently, from 1975, as I discovered when trying to search for photos of the movie. Yet another "based on a true story" (does anyone write original screenplays anymore??), the movie is mostly entertaining, but also really difficult to believe at points. Which is weird for a "true story." Who knows, maybe the truth is stranger than fiction (that was an unintentional reference to the weird Will Ferrell movie).

It's not an instant classic, by any means, but I think Jason Statham at least atoned for making Crank 2.

Final word: It has a lot of good action, just don't think too hard about the plot.

The Great Movie Challenge - read it from the beginning here.

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