June 8, 2012

GMC Day 8: Young Adult (2011)

Charlize Theron, no one else worthy to note

I'd like to first address the genre of "dramedy," which is supposed to be one of those annoying made-up compound words combining 'drama' and 'comedy.' How, exactly can a movie be both a drama and a comedy? Either it's inherently funny or inherently serious. Just because a serious movie has a few funny parts doesn't make it also a comedy.

However, this movie has been labeled as such. And while it does have a few funny parts, it's inherently sad. And by sad, I mean depressing. And by depressing, I mean you feel so awkward and terrible for Charlize Theron's character because she is so pathetic that you almost can't help but understand her while pitying her at the same time. Growing up near the "mini apple" also makes me more acutely understand the almost ridiculous awe the townies in the movie have for those who actually leave their suburb and move to THE CITY. (cue oooohs and aaaaaahs) Perhaps if you don't grow up in a place where many people have never been anywhere this movie can seem campy and unbelievable, but I think the fact that it is so realistic in some ways almost makes it too difficult to watch.

That being said, I don't buy everything in the movie (anytime a movie summary mentions the words "unlikely friendship," it's almost a guarantee those scenes will have eye-rolling inducing moments. This movie is no exception). And the guy who plays Buddy, the love interest, has the acting skills of a rock. But who knows, maybe that was the point. I guess I've known plenty of people that have personalities akin to rocks as well.

Final word: I can't imagine a circumstance under which this is your first choice for a movie night, but if it's playing for free on HBO, by all means, watch it.

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