June 5, 2012

GMC Day 5: Perfect Sense (2011)

Ewan McGregor, Eva Green

Here is the movie tag line: "Without love, there is nothing." That, coupled with Ewan McGregor and the attractive Eva Green, convinced me to rent this. I should have done more research.

I understand the point of the movie (which I won't spoil for all of you dying to watch an apocalyptic-romance movie) and I even understand filmakers' need to hit you over the head with overly dramatic metaphors to get their point across. But when you finish watching this movie and stop to think about it, you can't help but be like, "WTF?!?"

It just feels like there was potential there to make something happen, but it didn't. The whole thing was just..odd. The perfect word to sum it up: odd.

Final word: The whole thing reads more as 'performance art' and less as 'movie I'd pay to see.'

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