June 3, 2012

GMC Day 3: The Conspirator (2010)

James McAvoy, Robin Wright

In order to like this movie, you probably have to enjoy history and/or be an avid Constitutionalist. That being said, I am both and enjoyed this movie immensely. It's super serious and well acted, but more importantly, it gets your blood boiling over the legal system and ignites fights in your household about what is fair and right (no? just me?).

In all fairness, I adore James McAvoy and have seen almost every single movie of his, so it's difficult for him to do wrong in my eyes (uh...minus Wanted). But the movie was so interesting and dramatic I think I would have liked it even if he hadn't been the main character.

In a way, it reminded me of There Will Be Blood, in that it completely captivated me throughout, yet I don't imagine myself ever watching it again. Part of being a great movie in my eyes is a re-watchability factor, and my only criticism of the movie is that it lacks this.

Final word: Makes for a stimulating movie night, followed by conversation, if that's what you're into.

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