June 26, 2012

GMC Day 26: The Ides of March (2011)

Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, Paul Giamatti

Is there a person out there not currently in love with Ryan Gosling? Judging by the number of movies he has been in lately, it doesn't appear so. Pair him with George Clooney, the favorite for over 40's women, and the movie is practically Wild Things for women. Just kidding.

It is, however, like the movie version of a hot girl who also happens to be smart and athletic. In short, this movie has it all. It's interesting, it's dramatic, it's well acted, and you can't decide who to like or hate throughout. It makes you both love America and hate politics at the same time (if you don't already).

Here! A successful example of a cast full of famous people!! Katherine Fugate, take note!

The only downside to this movie for me is this new role Ryan Gosling seems to be taking on more frequently, which is the smooth-talking player-type. It's so opposite of everything I imagine him to be (from his Canadian upbringing to his sweet temperament in Lars and the Real Girl). And while I, too, appreciated him taking his shirt off in Crazy Stupid Love, I hope this isn't a persona he continues to portray. 

Final word: Rent it. Watch it. Talk about it.

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