June 20, 2012

GMC Day 20: The Rum Diary (2011)

Johnny Depp, Giovanni Ribisi

This movie has no point! This movie has no point! This movie has no point!

I don't mean to freak out, but I need to desperately impress upon you the fact that this movie has no point. Literally. No. Point.

"Based on a true story," it's just a snapshot of like, a month of some guy's life. Seriously? Can I make a movie about my days spent blogging and doing dishes, cast Kate Winslet in it and call it a movie?

This movie has no freaking point!!

Final word: If you just want to watch Johnny Depp act drunk for 2+ hours, go rent The Pirates of the Caribbean. Any of them.

Great Movie Challenge update - It's clear that sheer quantity has done me no favors. I feel like I've wasted hours of my life watching crappy movies I wish I'd never seen. Ahem, above. I plan to devote my final 10 days to picking movies of quality. We'll see if I'm able.

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