June 19, 2012

GMC Day 19: Contagion (2011)

another dreaded "ensemble cast"

When this movie came out, my sister mentioned that Gwenyth Paltrow "looked like crap" on the movie poster (she's the one on the bottom right). I am here to tell you that it is not just on the poster. She looks like that throughout the movie as well. I understand that the movie is about people getting sick, but few things are less enticing than the image of someone spewing and hacking up all sorts of nastiness. Is this entertainment? Watching people get sick? I can see that every day on the MUNI.

Besides my dislike of the storyline, the film editor seems to have gotten a tad aggressive on the cutting floor. Scenes are choppy and characters are left underdeveloped because again, the movie is busy cramming in star cameos, trying not to leave anyone out. You're left asking, "Wait, what happened to so-and-so?" But you'll never know. Maybe that's how the movie got classified as a 'thriller.'

Oh, and the ending? Did you ever watch War of the Worlds, where everything is humming along and the director decided the movie was getting too long, so the movie ends abruptly with little explanation? Yep, it's kinda like that. But honestly, by then you won't even care.

Final word: If I told you "no" for every person who lasted less than five minutes in this movie, would it convince you?

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