June 18, 2012

GMC Day 18: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (2011)

Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock

I don't know if movie studios have a job where someone is in charge of titling upcoming movies, but there should be. If this job already exists, then the person who named this movie should be fired. I mean, honestly.

When this movie was nominated for a Best Picture Oscar, I figured it was just thrown in there because of the new 'we nominate 10 movies to seem more fair and draw more buzz for Hollywood' thing that's happening. Also, having two former Oscar winners in Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock probably made it seem like a more legitimate movie. But it looked stupid. 

Yet, I watched it. I guess I caved to the pressure of feeling like I should watch Oscar contending movies (exactly what Hollywood was conning me to do by nominating 10 movies!!). And guess what? I didn't hate it! In fact, there were even a couple moments where I found myself getting choked up.

I really hate the word "touching" when describing movies because it sounds creepy and evokes images of molesters, but in some ways, it's the right word for this movie. (not because there are molesters in the movie, because there aren't - just to be clear) In short, it's exactly the kind of movie the Oscars love. Take from that what you will.

Final word: It's quite sweet and little sad - overall a pleasant watch.

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