June 16, 2012

GMC Day 16: Just Go With It (2011)

Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston

I think by this point, everyone knows how Adam Sandler movies go - they are either good, or really, really bad. (Proof: 50 First Dates and Happy Gilmore vs. The Waterboy and Little Nicky) Either way, you are assured of a couple things: an appearance by Rob Schneider, that annoying baby voice Sandler does, and possible busts of singing. 

This movie has none of those things. And just as surprising, it's pretty good. Jennifer Aniston doesn't have a great track record of movies (the next person who tries to convince me that Friends with Money was amazing needs to be injured in some tortuous way) and Brooklyn Decker's only claim to fame is marrying pro tennis player Andy Roddick. (You might be saying, but she got the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition! To which I'd reply, after she married Roddick. I doubt these two things are unrelated).

Now that I'm done bashing all the lead actors, I have to say the movie is pretty funny. There are some lines I even find myself looking for opportunities to quote. ("Daddy is my favorite adult!") Despite a rather ridiculous premise, and a terrible title, the plot doesn't have too many holes. And Nick Swardson might just be my new favorite Sandler sidekick. (and he's from Minnesota - represent!)

So what are the negatives of the movie? After all, it's not like we're talking about an Oscar-worthy movie here. My main complaint is with the wardrobe designer. Seriously. I'm nitpicking their outfits. Yes, Mona May, I'm talking to you. I looked her up because I just had to know who was responsible for making a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition cover model look like she had saggy boobs and wide hips. Because that's how she looks for the majority of the movie. And no, I am not just being a hater because she's hot. I will freely admit she's an attractive person. And her body is obviously good to be a swimsuit model. But Mona May did not do her justice, which is surprising since apparently this is the woman who dressed Alicia Silverstone in Clueless and Amy Adams in Enchanted (both great costumes! What happened? Drugs? Old age? A loss of touch with current trend and body shapes in general?). I mean, at one point, Jennifer Aniston is wearing a silk nightie out to dinner without a bra (this would be a bigger deal if she weren't basically famous for always nipping out on Friends) as if it were a dress. It's just awful. You really have to watch the movie to understand.

Final word: The wardrobe distractions aside, it's worth watching.

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