June 14, 2012

GMC Day 14: Paul (2011)

Simon Pegg, Seth Rogan

Let's talk aliens. Everyone in this movie sorta looks like one. I suppose since it's a comedy, it's okay.

Simon Pegg is pretty funny and there are definitely laugh-out-loud moments throughout the movie. But that being said, there really isn't enough plot to fill the 104 minutes of running time. So what you're left with are crude jokes and the same unfunny "I'm so awkward" routine from Kristin Wiig that she does every week on Saturday Night Live and throughout Bridesmaids. (Yes, I am that person that hated Bridesmaids. Whoever compared it to The Hangover was clearly just trying to make a 'women can be just as funny as men' statement). 

What really kills the movie, though, is the voice of Paul (the alien). It's done by Seth Rogan. It's bad enough he can't act in person, but he can't even act through a voice, which is truly astounding. Why he was cast for his voice, which isn't exactly pleasant to listen to, I will never know. It's the worst voice casting in a movie since Holly Hunter as the mom in The Incredibles.

When the movie first came out and I saw the previews, I figured it would be lame. And it is. But like I said, there are funny parts. So in some ways, it exceeded my expectations. But that's really not saying much. Because in other ways, I regret having watched the whole thing.

Final word: I'm pretty sure this movie was meant to be watched in tandem with Half Baked if you know what I mean. So if you're stoned, go for it.

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