June 11, 2012

GMC Day 11: The Vow (2012)

Channing Tatum, Rachel McAdams

I thought this was a Nicholas Sparks movie. It doesn't matter that it's not, however, since it plays out pretty much exactly like one. Call it 'counterfeit Nicholas Sparks.' I, for one, am generally anti-Nicholas Sparks (except The Notebook. I mean, you've got to be made of stone to not like that movie). It even stars the same people from other Nicholas Sparks movies!!

All that aside, this movie is pretty much exactly what you expect from a movie like this, if that makes any sense. It combines cheesy romantic gestures (that never happen in real life, btw), "real life" arguments to make relationships seem difficult, and dramatic kissing scenes that are supposed to show you how deeply a couple is in love. It's not as horrible as Dear John, but it's still difficult to buy Channing Tatum as a solid male lead in a dramatic movie. Especially when you think of the pairing of Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. Tatum just lacks, well, acting skills. But who knows - they still let John Cena make movies, so maybe acting isn't a requirement to being an actor.

Final word: If, while watching 50 First Dates you ever said to yourself, "I wish this movie had more sappiness, less jokes, and more scenes with a naked Channing Tatum," then this is the movie for you.

Great Movie Challenge update - after the disappointment of the first 10 days, I have decided to devote the next 10 days to sheer quantity and challenge myself to watch as many movies as possible. Hence, there may be more than one movie review per day.

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