June 1, 2012

GMC Day 1: The Debt (2010)

Helen Miren, Tom Wilkinson, Sam Worthington

I honestly had no idea what to expect. I don't remember seeing previews for this movie and I only picked it because I'm a fan of Helen Miren (isn't everyone??) and her face is on the cover. That being said, she really shouldn't be on the cover, considering she's in the movie for about 15 minutes.

Despite Helen Miren's sparse appearance in the movie, it's really quite good. I actually don't have anything snarky to say about it (which is unfortunate, given this blog name). One surprising upside was the showing of Sam Worthington, who played the lead in cinematic masterpieces like Avatar and Clash of the Titans. (okay, that was snarky) I wouldn't have taken him seriously as an actor, except that I couldn't identify who he was for the first half of the movie. So I suppose now I won't automatically discriminate against movies he is in.

Final word: Rent it. Watch it. Enjoy it.

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